Why Use PPE for Summer Driving?

Doing a little summer driving? Remember your PPE Training


PPE Training for Summertime Driving

Tool Around with PPE Training


PPE for driving? Are you serious, Darrel? Driving in the summertime, what could possibly go wrong?

How about complacency?

One of the most important items of PPE is between your ears. Remember to maintain your vehicle and maintain your attitude, especially on those cross-country trips.

When making a log trip, you may not be wearing a lot of PPE but that’s no excuse for forgetting your training.

Stop every now-n-then to rest and give your set of wheels a quick once-over.

Your brain will thank you, your body will thank you and your family will thank you for taking a break. And maybe the kids DO need to see the 2-headed dinosaur and buy a few pieces of petrified wood.


If you are out seeing America First, remember these tips:

  • 360 around the entire vehicle with both eyes open – BEFORE the trip. Need new tires all-around?
  • Plenty of water?
  • Tire gauge for safety + saving gas!
  • Fluid levels. Check before the trip. Check during the trip.
  • Windshield clean? Inside too?
  • Headlights work? All of them? Got the bugs scraped off?
  • How about the brake lights? And your other lights? Turn signals?
  • Do you really know where you’re going? Planned destination? Got the GPS?
  • Road Atlas – for when the GPS dies?
  • Stop and rest ever’ now-n-then.
  • 360 every morning – yes, I know its Tip #11. BONUS!

Sure, driving a motor vehicle is serious business – the lives of others are in your hands.

Best thing to do? Relax – you’ll get there…


PPE Training Says Be Safe

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