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Off-the-Job Safety? That’s not my Job!

That’s the point. As a nation, we are actually more safe on the job than off the job!

Why not take safety home with you? We ARE safer on the job. For example, in the year 2011, there were approximately 1103 driving-related deaths on the job compared to approximately 31,264 off the job. That same year, there were 4693 occupational fatalities compared to approximately 90,000 fatalities off-the-job. Injuries? Again, for 2011, there were 2,986,5xx on-the-job recordable accidents & illnesses vs an average of about 30 million home- & community-related medically-consulted injuries per year.

What’s a good strategy for staying safe? Spend more time at work!

Falls account for about 9 million trips to the emergency room each year. Lessen the danger of falls in your home through a combination of housekeeping and child safety. Use fall protection when working above 6 feet.

Remember to protect yourself from environmental dangers as well.

If you live in a an area of the country where radon gas may be a problem, there are testing kits available. You may even find that your employer will supply a kit for free.

As a manager, you may be wondering not only how to help your employees be safe off-the-job, but also, what will it cost? Minimal to no cost if you integrate home safety into your regular safety meeting schedule.

Gamble on yourself, not home safety. Keep yourself and your family safe while off the job.

If you’re taking something home, why not take safety?

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