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Safety Meeting Topic Barbeque : PPE Training

PPE Training : Have a safe Labor Day. Ready for the Meat!


Ahh, Labor Day. The last day of the Summer Season. Time to relax, get together with friends and be safe.

Be Safe!! Where did that come from? PPE Training

Labor Day and barbecues go together like peas-n-carrots. A 3-day weekend, friends & family and a few brewskis can be a recipe for distraction. Fortunately, safe grilling is not rocket science. Let’s review some common things that people forget when they are grilling.

  • Remember Your #PPETraining

  • Read the owners manual. Did you assemble your grill correctly? Do you understand the manufacturer’s suggested operating procedures? How do you light it off properly?
  • Grills are meant to be used OUTSIDE. Charcoal, propane – whatever the fuel, fumes will be generated, including carbon monoxide. It’s raining and your thinking of grilling in the garage? Think again.
  • Do you have enough fuel? Check your propane tank BEFORE you get the steak out.
  • Locate the barby away from the house, garage, outbuildings, leaf piles, brush piles and your woodpile.
  • Test the barby before you need it. Was it hard to light off last time? Here in Arizona, bugs like to nest in the nooks and crannies of the barbecue. See the owner’s manual for directions on cleaning the fuel/air paths.
  • Keep small kids away. They can get over, under, around and through the grill before you know it.
  • Is the grill located on a stable surface? PPE Training.
  • Use long-handled utensils. What’s that smell? The hair burning off your arm.
  • Is your propane tank in good shape? If it’s dented or rusted obtain another.
  • Inspect hoses. Cracked? Time for a replacement.
  • Does the igniter work properly? Clean or replace it.
  • Beware of flareups caused by flammable gases or grease from that USDA prime.

For a more complete list, look here for some #PPETraining..

Plan ahead for a safe Labor Day Barbecue. Enhance the flavor of that steak by marinating it beforehand. My favorite? A little fresh onion, Italian salad dressing, fresh ground black pepper and some bourbon. Quick & easy. Let it sit in the fridge for a day or two, flip it to get both sides.

Planning ahead for a Safety Meeting Speaker? Look here. PPE Training