Safety Meeting Topic : Why – School’s Open?

Drive Carefully This Time of Year : PPE Training


Safety Meeting Topics Bus : PPE Training

PPE Training : Haulin’ Class!

Kids are starting off to school, in fact, here in Arizona they have been back in school for a couple of weeks now.

Crossing Guards are out, kids are on the move, the school buses are rolling. PPE Training is taking place.

Remember what it was like when YOU were in school? Kick the can, hackey-sack, games of tag, goofing off to impress that new girl in class … kids are not exactly paying attention and watching for traffic. And every year there is a fresh crop of really young ones just starting their school careers.

As a driver, make it your responsibility to watch out for kids this autumn as they settle into the school routine.

Have you inspected your vehicle to ensure good vision and stopping power ?

PPE Training

Obey the posted limits near schools. Slow down in active school zones. School zones may slow down traffic flow for quite a distance – why not save yourself some frustration and keep the kids safe by selecting a route that avoids school zones? Watch for school buses.  Always be sure to stop for a stopped school bus when it is picking up or discharging kids. When meeting a school bus with its red flashing lights activated, stop at least 20 feet away and do not resume travel until the red lights are turned off.

Whenever a ball comes into your lane, what is likely to be right behind it? PPE Training.

Keep both eyes open and help keep the kids safe in the new school year. Get your #PPETraining on.


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