What are 10 Ways to Engage About PPE Training?

Talking About Safety : is a lot like … talking!


PPE Training : How and Why to Engage about PPE

Speaking of PPE : PPE Training

Have you been designated as this month’s safety meeting speaker? Need some quick topics?

If YOU are not comfortable talking about PPE, that will come across to whomever you’re speaking  – whether individuals or groups.

If you are not feeling any enthusiasm for what you are about to say, it’s time to GET some ENTHUSIASM. How? ACT ENTHUSIASTIC AND YOU”LL BE ENTHUSIASTIC!

Sounds too simple? Who knows, your enthusiasm may carry over into other areas.

Speaking to others about PPE is just a larger version of talking to someone over the kitchen table. Here are some tips:

  • Use humor. Be adventurous, point the humor at yourself.
  • Target the material to user. Have you noticed that each individual has a least favorite piece of PPE, or a least favorite situation in which to wear PPE?
  • Get to the point. Find a context to lead into your topic. Stand up, speak up, shut up. Leave something for next time.
  • Talk Up, Not Down. If you can’t talk up, try talking across. #PPETraining
  • Use personal anecdotes – not ones that make you a hero, just a slice-of-life type of thing. If your life has no slices, start slicing…
  • Discuss your own failures. Didn’t you fail once, maybe around the house?
  • Keep that Shiny Stuff in your office. PPE was meant to be used, not polished and displayed. Did you ever see John Wayne wearing NEW gloves? Wear yours so they look used.
  • Wear it. You’ll fit in, plus your stuff will be broken in. See above.
  • Discuss your successes – some of them may have occurred on the job.
  • Forget the laundry list. No one has time to listen. If hard hats are an issue, talk about hardhats. There’s plenty of time to talk about gloves. Later.
  • Ask questions. Sometimes the users have better ideas. This applies to all of Life, not just PPE Training…      Start with asking why this tip is #11.


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