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Safety | Shorter Days Call for Safety While Driving in 2019

Updated 12/13/2018

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Shorter Days Cause Changes in the Behavior of All Living Organisms : PPE Training

Are you in the dark while going to work? Not that way – in the actual dark! The season of Winter is here, in case you need a reminder from PPE Training. The cycle of life changes, the outdoor conditions are changing. With the coming of shorter days and longer nights, the activities of all living organisms change – including animals AND humans. Time for some #PPE-Training.

Here are some ways that the shorter days could affect the safety of you and others:

  1. Animal migrations: Animals migrate as a matter of survival. Some species may migrate in order to escape severe weather; other species may migrate to follow their food supply. Depending on where you live, the timing of migrations may vary. In northern areas or areas of higher elevation, the migrations usually take place earlier in the autumn, later in the spring. Quite often, the animal species that migrate, such as buffalo and elk, may have their periods of greatest activity at dusk and dawn – times of day when driving may be dangerous due to the driver’s difficulty in seeing. Think you’re safe from animals while driving on the Interstate? An elk can jump that chain-link fence like jumping over a log!
  2. Other animal activity: This may vary with location as well. For many species, the shorter days trigger the rut, mating season. Not only will the rut cause increased activity, animals may be much more active than usual. They also may be less cautious than they would normally be, and so may be less likely to notice the approach of your vehicle on the highway.
  3. School buses: With shorter days, you may find that the buses are now traveling in darkness, particularly in the morning. Be alert for buses, particularly when they are picking up and discharging students. Watch for kids crossing the road in front of the bus, or dawdling after getting off the bus. Remember your PPE Training.
  4. Kids walking to school: Kids may now be walking to school in the dawn’s early light or perhaps total darkness. Think back to when you were a kid, chances are alertness was not at its peak in the early morning. As an adult driver, be alert for them.

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