How to Combat the MidSummer PPE Training Bogdown?

Dog Tired of PPE Training ?

Dog Tired of PPE Training ?

Summer is dragging on. Hot Humid weather. Hot Humid PPE.

You can see all those capital projects that have yet to be completed before the end of the fiscal year.

Contractors are substituting-in employees to cover for those who are familiar with your job site, but are away enjoying vacation time.

Employees are thinking about summer stuff – getting those honey-do jobs done, new babies, planning the vacation out west.


Perfect storm for forgetting to use the proper PPE.


Fight the PPE summer blues.

Here are some ways to re-emphasize the role of PPE:

Wear it.

Wear it. In the office. Shock someone.

Roll out the sunscreen. It’s available in individual servings.

Safety footwear with non-steel toes are available. If your company permits, point out the benefits of saving energy with every step you take.

If your company requires FRCs, are separate pants and shirt allowed? They may be more comfortable than an FRC coverall over street clothes.

Show up at the job site  with coffee, donuts and a little talk about PPE. Safety is about attitude, not just PPE.


PPE Training goes better with donuts

Donuts & Coffee for PPE Training

Need a Safety Meeting Speaker?


If you have a favorite way to combat the summer PPE blues, donut be bashful – please comment below –